Cotton Ginning

cotton ginningGinning is the first mechanical process involved in processing cotton. Ginning mill separates cotton fibers from the seed bolls and dust particles. The main application of ginned cotton referred to as lint is for spinning operations, where lint is converted to yarn. A.P. stands 3rd rank in Cotton area in India with 10.96 lakh hectares (Ha) next only Maharashtra (31.91 L.ha) and Gujarat (25.96 L.ha). The share in area of A.P. in India is 11.5 %. It also stands 3rd in cotton production in India with 43.00 Lakh bales (Bale is 170 kg each) with an average yield of 667 Kgs next only to Maharashtra (60.00 L.B) and Gujarat (110.00 L.B). Adilabad, Guntur and Warangal had recorded higher growth in cotton area cultivation and production.